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Financial Calculators

Compound interest calculator – calculates compound growth of an investment over a specified number of years, on either a lump sum investment or monthly payments

Loan calculator  – calculates the monthly repayments on a loan over a number of years

Lump Sum calculator – calculates the return on a specified sum of money over a number of years

Mortgage affordability calculator – calculates the size of mortgage repayments you could afford. Collects details of your income and expenses and then calculates a how much you could afford for a mortgage payment each month

Mortgage cost calculator – calculates the cost of a mortgage at a specified interest rate, over a specified number of years

Pension cost calculator – calculates a figure for eventual retirement fund and annual pension payment based on your age and earnings

School fees calculator  – calculates how much you need to save in order to fund a your child or grandchild’s school fees