About You

Our type of clients?

We want to work with clients who value the service we provide with our personal financial advice. Inshore IFA has built a sound reputation on providing a personalised service to all our clients. We will listen to your needs and aspirations for the future and do not simply sell financial products. If you enjoy spending hours on the internet researching your own financial solutions, we are probably not for you.

Do we want the same things?

We want clients who want to build a long-term relationship with us. So it is important and necessary that we actually like and respect one another. We are fee based and will personalise the service you require, as everyone is different. If you are going to benefit from our personal financial advice services, you will probably:

  • Be successful in your business or professional life, or have retired
  • Be open-minded to ideas and relish the prospect of working with your adviser to achieve your goals
  • Be prepared to delegate your financial planning but enjoy being fully informed and appreciate the freedom that results from delegating your financial decisions to your adviser
  • Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that will come into your life as a result of having all of your finances in one place, handled by one adviser who you trust
  • Agree that our fees offer great value for you

We know that we can work with people who fit this profile and achieve great results together.

Our clients generally fall into three categories:

Protecting & Planning for the Future

63872134These clients are generally people aged between 30 and 50, with financial commitments. We will ensure that all financial commitments are protected and help you plan for the future with personal financial advice to ensure you can realise your dreams. These clients tend to be well paid professionals or run their own businesses but don’t have the time to sort out their own finances.

Accumulation of Wealth

81911677You have no liabilities and you want to achieve financial independence. From our experience these clients are generally people aged between 50 – 65 and trying to reach a point where they can choose whether or not to work. They will be looking to maximise tax efficient savings vehicles available to accumulate the capital they need or want for the future.

Wealth Preservation

130453604You have achieved your financial independence, so we will work to preserve your spending power and make sure that you have the ability to maintain your standard of living and truly enjoy retirement, such as travelling the world, helping to fund grand children’s education or buying that dream holiday home. These clients are typically retired with a high level of guaranteed income from pensions or have £200,000 of assets or more.

Arrange a meeting?

If you believe that we are a good match, the first step is to arrange a meeting with one of our Financial Planners at which we can explain how we can help and what it will cost. So please give us a call.

“Ever since being introduced to Darryl Charlwood a great feeling of wellbeing that my investment portfolio is being handled in the most efficient and competent manner possible, has descended upon me.When my Father died Darryl was understanding and helped gather all the paperwork required to obtain Grant of Probate.”- Jenny K, Bournemouth.