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Financial Calculators

Deposit Account searchOur latest comparison tool to let you search for the best type of deposit account for your needs. The tool works out how much your cash will earn in the different accounts and plots a comparison graph of performance.

Inheritance Tax calculator – adds up the values of various types of assets and calculates the Inheritance Tax liability on them

Compound interest calculator – calculates compound growth of an investment over a specified number of years, on either a lump sum investment or monthly payments

Loan calculator  – calculates the monthly repayments on a loan over a number of years

Lump Sum calculator – calculates the return on a specified sum of money over a number of years

Mortgage affordability calculator – calculates the size of mortgage repayments you could afford. Collects details of your income and expenses and then calculates a how much you could afford for a mortgage payment each month

Mortgage cost calculator – calculates the cost of a mortgage at a specified interest rate, over a specified number of years

Pension cost calculator – calculates a figure for eventual retirement fund and annual pension payment based on your age and earnings

School fees calculator  – calculates how much you need to save in order to fund a your child or grandchild’s school fees